Time to be get excited to meet your newborn baby

You must get getting so excited to meet your newborn baby. After nine months to finally get to hold your gorgeous newborn baby and see what they look like.  It’s a careful blend of genes that will determine what your baby will look like; hair, eyes, and body characteristics etc. as well as personality traits.  These are always a hidden surprise as the baby develops in the womb.  It’s what makes your baby unique.

I have always been fascinated by the whole nature vs nurture debate.  Is our personality within us even before we are born, or is our personality influenced by our childhood upbringing, or even the order in that we were born?  With a second newborn baby, parents often say that the personality of their second newborn is so different to that of their first born.  For example, it’s suggested that a lot of second-born children are more relaxed and go with the flow. Perhaps it might be something to do with second time around parents being more relaxed, and not having the luxury of time as they did with their first little one.

Searching for Similarities

I love seeing newborn babies come back to my gorgeous newborn photography studio a few years later when they bring their sibling or siblings, with mummy and daddy too!  I always find my old storage drive and look to see if their babies look similar.  Recently, two-year-old Lucas came to the studio with his newborn brother Caleb.  So gorgeous, they both looked very similar, but little Caleb was definitely a little longer in body; I’m sure Lucas’ mummy won’t mind me saying that Lucas was definitely a little ‘chunkier’.  We discussed that Caleb’s body build was probably more influenced by his dad’s genes.

At the beginning of 2020, I had the pleasure of taking beautiful Isla Rose’s photographs.  I remember the session really well as Isla was a rainbow baby, so the photographs were very special to her parents.  It was really lovely to hear from her mummy in November that she was expecting another little girl and due in December.  She would be their ‘Irish Twin’ – siblings that are born within a 12-month period.  Tahya is just adorable and we were so lucky to do her lovely photography session in December, just before lockdown.  Again, Tahya looks so similar to Isla Rose.  It really made me smile when they both have the trait of sleeping with their tongue out.  I asked their mummy Angelique what the girls’ personalities were like.  Angelique has two older girls, who I haven’t met as yet, but I would absolutely love to.  Here is what she said:

“So far the two younger girls are very different. Isla was way more inquisitive at the same age of Tahya is now and still is, and Tahya is way more sleepy than Isla was.  Isla would get very hangry (so hungry she gets angry) if her food was not in her mouth when she wanted it.  While Tahya is more laid-back and would like a cuddle while she waits.” 

Angelique also has two older daughters and I was interested to see whether their personalities were different as well.

“The older two girls are like chalk and cheese – complete opposites.  When they were toddlers, we thought Keira would be a girlie girl as she hates to be dirty and loved pretty things.  Whilst Alyssa was always in the mud and always had stones and leaves in her pockets (I even had to carry a rock home from school – we still have the rock), so we assumed she would be our tomboy.  How wrong we were, Keira is as far from girlie as you could get and Alyssa is as girlie as you could get.  They look completely different too, Keira is more like her dad and I have been told Alyssa is my double.”

Developing Little Personalities

As I see so many babies each month, I often forget how each one reacts during a photo session.  I should start to make a note of this information, as it’s so lovely to see their developing personalities when they come back to my studio with their newborn siblings. 

Bella Rose came to the studio back in September 2019 and she was the most adorable little girl.  When she came to the studio with her brother Benjamin, she was happy wandering around the studio chatting to herself.  Such a gorgeous little girl.  Benjamin was definitely born with more hair than Bella Rose.  I know I’m going to love taking Benjamin’s first birthday photographs and discovering how much alike they become as Benjamin gets bigger.

It really is such a pleasure to capture newborn photographs of my lovely clients’ little ones and always so incredibly special to see the newborns come back to the studio with their little brother or sister.  I can’t wait for my studio to open again so I can get back to doing what I love and seeing more of my lovely little newborn clients.

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